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  • Hello. My name is Anita Bajdalska.

    Along with the band preparing Spa & Wellness property to open. We plan treatment room, spa products, recruit staff and train you to succeed.
    Anita Bajdalska
  • Hello. My name is Anita Bajdalska.

    We train managers, because we have the knowledge and practice in the management of the SPA.
    Anita Bajdalska

Consulting SPA

Our properties are considered the best in Poland therefore receive many prestigious awards in various competitions. All this thanks to the professional cooperation with investors SPA.

We give ideas that are watching over their execution, and we do everything to make them special and unique!

SPA Management

The biggest problem Spa & Wellness on the Polish market is the lack of professional management. Quite often, even the best training for manager SPA is not enough and you need a leader!

We offer spa facility management experience, knowledge, expertise and best practices, which should trust.

Academy Manager SPA

With extensive experience and knowledge of the Wellness & SPA we want to share it with you. We are experimentalists, theoreticians but professionals and practitioners.

We have 16 years experience in the industry in Poland (including eight years in the management of SPA) and four years on hotels ***** in Austria and Switzerland.


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ISPA Certificate

International SPA Association Certificate for Anita Bajdalska